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A Permanent Shadow - a band for a want of a better description

A Permanent Shadow is a band for want of a better description. Its only fixture is CP Fletcher who for his recordings surrounds himself with a rotating cast of musicians and producers. Albert Català, a classically trained piano player, helps CP whip the demos into shape. The finishing touches in the studio are usually provided by renowned producer Valentín Nieto. Both albums “Songs of Loss” (2019) and “Humdrum” (2022) as well as the EP "UnderCovers" (2022) and the new LP "No Leaf Clover" (set for release in 2024) were recorded at Barcelona’s Mini Blind Studios.

CP took his first steps as a front man forming a Lou Reed tribute project, The Magic and Loss Orchestra. Such is his admiration for the curmudgeon from New York that the tribute experience ended up bleeding into A Permanent Shadow via a cover of “Sword of Damocles”, originally featured on Reed’s Magic and Loss album and included on “Songs of Loss” in a reworked form.

A Permanent Shadow’s music is a blend of old and new. The songs draw from the likes of Iggy Pop, Scott Walker, Gary Numan and Nine Inch Nails as well as Editors and LCD Soundsystem, encompassing post-punk, funk-punk and synth-pop.

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